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St Kilda & Western Isles

Approaching St Kilda under sail


Visit & Explore St Kilda - World Heritage site

The outer-most island of the Western Isles of Scotland

Do it under sail - just like the St Kildans' did!

See the fabulous islands and their wildlife

Explore the other wonderful islands of the Western Isles

Only four guests on our ocean going sailing yacht

We normally run two or three 12 day trips out to St Kilda every year and in fact have been taking guests out there for over twenty years!


We do the trips as part of a twelve day cruise for several reasons but there are two prime ones: 12 days gives us an excellent chance of a successful weather window,  and also there are so many other wonderful places around the Western Isles that to pass them without having time to visit would be a sin!


We do not consider a trip to St Kilda a success unless we have had a minimum of two or three days there to explore Hirta and to have a good look around the other islands.  Just arriving in Village Bay does not constitute a visit.  Over the years we have achieved a better than 85% success rate!

We depart from Dunstaffnage marine, near Oban.

Have a look at the St Kilda Image page

Leaving Dunstaffnage we make our way across the Sea of the Hebrides to either Barra or via the Sound of Harris and onwards to St Kilda.  We often stop on the way, and may visit the Priest Isles of Mingulay,  Barra Head or Vatersay.  Or we may go to the Shiant Isles, Taransay, or the Monachs.  Whichever route we take, we make sure that the whole cruise is enjoyable and exciting. The opportunities for seeing exceptional wildlife - birds, cetaceans and wild flowers occur daily in wonderful surroundings.

  We only take four guests so there is plenty of space and comfort. It also means we are able to discuss the itinerary with our guests who can suggest where they would like to go and what they would like to see! We can then, after considering the weather forecast, decide what we're going to do on each individual and very different cruise.

 The skipper is a qualified naturalist, writer and photographer and has over 30 years experience of these islands, their wildlife and their culture.

The cost is only 1450.00 per person for the experience of a lifetime!

Join us on our explorations around the Western Isles and to St Kilda.

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