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The Shiants

The Shiants (outlined) taken from north Skye, the hamlet of Kilmaluig and Trodday island make up the foreground

Lying five miles off the Harris shore and twenty north of Skye, the Shiants are surrounded by fast and treacherous waters. An old superstition was about the "Blue men of the Minch" who would apperntly go on board a vessel in difficulties and challenge the skipper to recire in perfect Gaelic a bit of prose.  If he failed in his perfection the Blue men would take the boat below to their watery realm!!

The Shiants comprise three main islands:

Garbh Eilean (rough island) which requires a steep climb up grass and rocks to acquire the graasy plateau:

Once up, the views are stunning, particularly towards Eilean Muire (Virgin Marys Isle):

The final island is Eilean an Tigh (Island of the house) best seen again from the to of Garbh Eilean:

Its possible to make out the wee white cottage which is the only current habitation on the islands.

Its not a great place to anchor and most visits are made using RIBs which depart from Harris.  However there is a sometimes a sheltered corner between Garbh Eilean na d Eilean Muire which is howver very weather dependant.

The cliffs and reefs around the Shiants are quite incredible and some of the basalt columns put Fingals cave in its' place:

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