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Around the Western Isles, Hebrides and St Kilda,


David Leaver
The sailing wildlife & island exploration  specialist.

Accredited Scottish Wildlife Guide

Common dolphin by David Leaver

36 years experience in the area

During the best months of April, May, June, July, August, September and early October I will be "wandering" around the West Coast of Scotland sharing  wildlife experiences and exploring the islands with my guests. The wildlife and island exploration cruises are of either 6 or 12 days duration. Outside these months the sailing is brilliant, especially for training but the wildlife is not worthwhile

The cruises are on board our 43ft Ocean-going yacht "Saltwater Gypsy" fully rigged, equipped and coded to MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) standards.

  Despite her large size we only take a maximum of four guests so there is plenty of space and it is very comfortable on board.

I am also keen to share my sailing knowledge with my guests, but no sailing experience is necessary. 


So what's different about us?

1. Comfort & stability. Large and comfortable Ocean going yacht and only four guests!!!

2. Safety. MCA Ocean Yachtmaster Instructor as your skipper with over 340,000 miles of experience at sea in small vessels.

3. Local knowledge. The skipper is a qualified naturalist, local wildlife guide and a photographer with well over 34 years experience in the area.

If you enjoy sailing (or think you might, and would like to try this eco-friendly mode of transport), if you enjoy wildlife watching, exploring new places or just want a sailing holiday with an expert wildlife guide then please consider a cruise with us.

            Our cruises sail around the Hebrides, to the Western Isles and to St Kilda.  During this time our aim is to give you a superb holiday when you can relax and enjoy watching the superb wildlife of the area, in fantastic scenery, and sail around and explore some of the more remote parts of the islands. 

David with Dun (St Kilda) behind


You can walk ashore and explore by yourself or join David who always tries to get ashore on every island we visit and is keen to share his knowledge and experience.  He is a qualified Wildlife guide, a zoologist and a keen photographer.


Crachaig bay Ulva


Once again we won't be visiting towns and harbours as part of our trips but will stay overnight in some of the most beautiful and isolated anchorages in Scotland (some say in the world.).  You will spend your evenings in seclusion, among spectacular scenery and in great company!

White tailed sea eagle.

The trips are in operation from April to September and early October.

Most trips will leave from Dunstaffnage Marina, which is three miles north of Oban, where there is a rail connection. The marina is only two hours by road from Glasgow and has car parking available. Some trips may depart from Skye.

Loch Eport, North UistAlthough our cruises all start on a Monday morning, we do ask our guests to join the boat on the previous Sunday evening so that we can leave early Monday morning and give you a full first day, which of course you have paid for. The trips finish by midday 6 or 12 days later.

David on board

On all our cruises, you will find that we have a unique feature: the skipper David Leaver. He is a qualified naturalist with extensive local knowledge, a photographer and a writer, and is renowned for knowing when and where to find the best and most interesting wildlife.

He should with over 34 yrs experience living and working in the area!! 

Please specify any particular dietary requirements on booking. Vegetarians are welcome (the skipper is nearly one but he eats fish!). We do try to use fresh produce whenever possible, and local seafood when available.

There are no hidden charges and since the wind is free - no fuel surcharges!

We do not supply alcoholic beverages, but guests are welcome to bring their own supplies.

Northern Wanderer ar anchor


Prices are all inclusive except for alcoholic drinks:

790.00 per person per six day trip

1450.00 per person per twelve day trip

A 5% discount applies to all those guests who have travelled with David on previous vessels.

Booking form

If you do have any questions or queries or simply want some information about wildlife watching in our area (not necessarily on one of our cruises) then please get in touch.

I'll be delighted to help in any way I can

                                                                                    - David


For further details, a chat, or to book:

Tel. 01470 532393 (evenings and weekends are fine.)
Mobile; 0780 8899356 (also the yacht during the season.)


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