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A Hebridean Island

Port Mhor Muck

Muck from Eigg




Seen from the top of the Sgurr of Eigg, Muck does not appear to be a very large island but there is an awful lot  to see and do there.


Port Mhor Muck



Due to having very fertile soil, the island is highly orientated towards agriculture and used to have the reputation of producing the earliest and many say the tastiest potatoes in Scotland.



Raking MuckHaytime Muck



Muck is still run mainly as a family farm by the MacEwens.




The community centre Muck"!



There is an active community centre which is also a cafe.  Sometimes there are unexpected visitors at the door!



South cliffs Muck



There are some big cliffs on Muck but they are insignificant compared to the other islands.  However it is the very gentle terrain of Muck that is one of its greatest attractions to the visitor.




Ponies and seals on Muck




There can't be many places where ponies and seals are so comforable together!



Gallanach bay Muck


On the north side is the very attractive Gallanach bay where we usually try to anchor.  In ancient days the Vikings used this bay to haul their longboats ashore for repair.




Grass covered cottage Muck



Near the bay is a grass covered cottage in a lovely remote location. It is available as a holiday let - what a wonderful idea!







Gallanach House Muck 


Gallanach house, home of the MacEwen family lies at the head of the bay.






Whether by yacht or ferry, Muck is an island that everyone should try to visit, if lucky perhaps to stay for a day or two.


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