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The Monachs

Western Isles of Scotland

Camas Ruadh (Red Bay) Monachs

Lighthouse - Shillay.

In the 13th century, a religious order, associated with Iona, maintained a presence on Cearn Ear, and they kept a light as a guide to mariners on the western most island of Shillay.  This more recent and unused lighthouse marks the spot of the original monastery.


Village - Monachs




The more modern, but now abandoned settlement is on the east island or Ceann Ear





Village Cearn Iar





Amongst the 20th century ruins are those of previous times




Beachj Cearn Ear




However one of the most amazing things about the Monachs is the beaches.




anchorage - Monachs



The beautiful rock formations, the blue sky and green islands combine with the white shell sand to make wonderful scenery.





Machair - Monachs



Cearn Ear has a wide expanse of machair plain covered in buttercups and daisies.




Oystercatchers - Monachs



On these same grasslands nest any species of birds.




But above all it is the peaceful solitude of the islands that are their best feature.

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