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A Hebridean Island

Coll beach


Coll machair


Pyramidal orchid



Two things stand out to me about Coll - its' wonderful beaches and the marvellous machair flowers.




Dune flora Coll




Old castle - Coll




We often anchor in Loch Breachacha, on the south end of Coll. The name aptly translates as "Loch of the fields of bright flowers" or "The loch of speckled fields"





Arinagour Coll


The main village on Coll is Arinagour which is where the ferry from Oban docks. It is a lovely township only spoilt a little by the invasive number of holiday homes which remain empty for so much of the year.




Old pier Coll


Artists on pier Coll



At one time I used to do cruises that incorporated painting courses, this was one time we had a go sat on the pier at Arinagour.




That's Coll - Sun, sand and beaches.

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